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5 Ways Visitor Management Systems Can Help in Managing Superyachts

It’s time for the paper visitor book to kindly disembark (or walk the plank, whichever is quicker); there’s no place for those salty, dog-eared pages ...


Quick Questions with Jason Grinter: iOS Developer

Part time race car driver, lover of plaid and proud owner of an impressive jandal collection. Meet SwipedOn iOS Developer, Jason. 

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Why Your Administrative Professional Will Love a Visitor Management System

The job of an administrative professional is anything but easy. From juggling the demands of multiple superiors to scheduling important appointments, ...


Quick Questions with Kevin Menhinick: Software Developer

He goes by the name of ‘Kev-bot', skateboards to the office and kinda looks like the 4th brother from the 90's band, Hanson. Meet SwipedOn Software De...

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3 Ways a Visitor Management System Can Improve the Safety and Security of Schools

It’s no secret that incidents regarding school safety and security have been steadily on the rise, especially intrusion to school premises. All educat...


Quick Questions with Rory Drysdale: Senior Developer

He loves the outdoors, says “eh” a lot, and is never afraid to tackle a challenge head on. It’s time to meet our resident Canadian and super talented ...

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Digital Visitor Management system 101: Why You Need One in 2020

Can you recall how many visitors you received during 2019? How about the guests who visited you during the last quarter of 2018? Should someone ask ab...


Quick Questions with Daryl Milne: Cloud Developer

Daryl aka 'Daz' is a key cog in the SwipedOn dev machine and self-proclaimed nerd. When he doesn’t have his head in the cloud, Daz loves a good Netfli...


Quick Questions with Jasmine Hindson: Android Developer Intern

Last summer, we had the pleasure of working with Jasmine (Jas), SwipedOn’s first ever intern! Jasmine is in her final year of studying a Bachelor of A...


Quick Questions with Wes Kotton: Customer Support

Wes can be found providing customer support in one hand, and mixing tracks in the other. In his free time, he likes to dabble in marketing and web des...


SwipedOn Named a Leader in G2 Crowd's Winter 2019 Visitor Management Software Reports

The G2 Crowd Winter 2019 reports are officially out and we are thrilled to announce that SwipedOn has been ranked as a market leader for visitor manag...

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The Many Ways Your Paper Visitors' Book is Violating the GDPR & What You Can Do About It

Believe it or not, asking your office visitors to sign your paper logbook can cost you hefty fines — up to £20 million to be exact.


Quick Questions with Anthony Lefebvre-Allen: Senior Developer

Anthony is our senior coding wizard, who works on both the frontend and backend of SwipedOn. When he's not behind a keyboard, you might find Anthony r...


Quick Questions with Scott Brown: UX & UI Designer

 Scott is the creative pillar of SwipedOn.  He spends his days working on our product user interface and user experience. When he’s not drumming up cr...

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Is Your Office an Office of the Future?

The ‘office of the future' aka ‘paperless office’ is a term that you’ve no doubt heard of before. In fact, it’s a term that’s been kicking around sinc...


Quick Questions With Lauren Batcheldor: Customer Support Specialist

Lauren is our devoted customer support guru, which means she spends a good chunk of her day replying to your support queries and is dedicated to makin...