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    SwipedOn Joins Forces with SmartSpace Software Plc

    We’re thrilled to announce that as of mid October, we became a part of U.K. based SmartSpace Software Plc. SmartSpace is a world leader in smart, agile office environments and we’re excited to play a key part in their future strategy.

    It’s important to let you know, as the customer what our acquisition means to you.

    • Nothing that you know and love about SwipedOn changes. We’re still based in beautiful Tauranga, New Zealand - with regional bases in the US and South Africa.
    • We have an exciting product road map, building further functionality and exploring a brave new world of complementary features.
    • Myself and the team are not only staying on, but we’re adding a number of new roles to serve you better and faster. We’re very much maintaining our personal touch, that you know and love.

    As you can see, the acquisition is far from the end. It’s merely the start of a new and exciting chapter in our development, maturing and growth.logo-duo4

    From the start, we’ve had fantastic alignment with SmartSpace. The two companies have very similar cultures, vision and outlook on how a business should operate. This was at the forefront of decision making from both parties. As a small example, we’re both really proud of the fact that we’ve planted a native tree for every one of our 2,300 customers and supported a number of other charitable organisations along the way.

    Lastly, I personally wanted to thank you, as one of our dedicated customers, for playing your part in getting SwipedOn to where it is today and helping build our organisation. I look forward to continuing this journey alongside you. We couldn’t be happier to have a custodian like SmartSpace. SmartSpace, the next 2,300 trees (and beyond) are on you.



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    Hadleigh Ford

    Hadleigh is our CEO and Founder at SwipedOn.


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