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The SwipedOn iOS App 2.14.1 is here. Would you like a drink with that?

Would you like a drink with that? In the latest SwipedOn iOS App update, we’ve released our brand new AddOn along with a useful feature release.

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You've Got Mail: Deliveries Made Simple with SwipedOn

Prepare to get familiar with the first of our brand new series of AddOns. Introducing Deliveries. Not only is Deliveries by SwipedOn set to boost your...

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Evacuations Made Easy With SwipedOn 2.12.0 iOS Update

THIS IS NOT A DRILL! We’ve just launched the latest SwipedOn iOS app update which includes a whole new look for evacuation mode. If you’re about to zo...

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The Changing Role Of Visitor Management In The Office

The visitor experience; is it something we ever really thought about ten years ago? It was a case of signing in physically with a pen, delivering a sc...

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Product Update: Visitor In and Out Gets a Makeover

What better way to roll into a new month, than by rolling out a new SwipedOn product update. There’s a new look visitor page, smoother sign in for sav...