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7 Simple Yet Powerful Reception Area Ideas For Your Business

When welcoming visitors or clients into  the reception area of your workplace, it’s crucial to make a great first impression. Some studies suggest you...

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How To Use A Visitor Management Solution as an Employee In-Out Board

Looking for a digital renovation for your workplace? 95% of organisations agree that a digital workplace is important and the good news is, the transf...

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9 Green Workplace Initiatives That Are Easy To Implement

The idea of introducing green initiatives into the workplace can feel a little daunting at first. And while it may feel overwhelming trying to figure ...

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8 Office Wellness Hacks to Introduce to Your Workplace

Gone are the days of hard gruelling work and clock watching during a 9 - 5:30 job. Businesses across the world are introducing wellness programmes in ...

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5 Reasons To Replace Your Paper Guest Book in 2019

Letting go of your paper visitor book can seem like a daunting idea; a process that has been alive for decades is now becoming redundant. And there ar...

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The Changing Role Of Visitor Management In The Office

The visitor experience; is it something we ever really thought about ten years ago? It was a case of signing in physically with a pen, delivering a sc...

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14 Things Only A Receptionist Will Understand

Single handedly answering calls, greeting clients and employees with a smile, ordering stationery and filling up the bowl of candied mints - all while...

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Why Your Administrative Professional Will Love a Visitor Management System

The job of an administrative professional is anything but easy. From juggling the demands of multiple superiors to scheduling important appointments, ...

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3 Ways a Visitor Management System Can Improve the Safety and Security of Schools

It’s no secret that incidents regarding school safety and security have been steadily on the rise, especially intrusion to school premises. All educat...

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7 Ways a Visitor Management System Helps Your Business to Save More

On average, a reception desk officer receives approximately £16,802 in the UK. The corresponding figures for front desk officer salaries are $44,321 i...

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Digital Visitor Management system 101: Why You Need One in 2020

Can you recall how many visitors you received during 2019? How about the guests who visited you during the last quarter of 2018? Should someone ask ab...

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The Many Ways Your Paper Visitors' Book is Violating the GDPR & What You Can Do About It

Believe it or not, asking your office visitors to sign your paper logbook can cost you hefty fines — up to £20 million to be exact.

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Is Your Office an Office of the Future?

The ‘office of the future' aka ‘paperless office’ is a term that you’ve no doubt heard of before. In fact, it’s a term that’s been kicking around sinc...

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Increasing Reception Productivity in One Easy Step

Your front-line receptionist is one of the most valuable members in your team. Yet many businesses fail to achieve high levels of reception productivi...

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Four Benefits of Using a Digital Visitor Book

Have your workplace visitors ever taken your pen? Written their name so poorly you can't read it? Or do they frequently ask you what the date and time...

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The Importance of Visitor Management for Health and Safety Requirements

Health and safety is a hot topic in any organisation and a law change in New Zealand has thrown a spotlight on the area. WorkSafe NZ identified that e...

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Everything You Need to Know About Business Process Automation

Business process automation is a bit of a buzz word nowadays. It’s also a real mouthful to say! In short, it’s a form of software technology which is ...

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Reception Branding: Strengthening the Visitor Experience

The significance of first impressions is something ingrained into many of us from a young age. We hear the adage “first impressions count” and “you ne...

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The Future of Health & Safety

The topic of workplace health and safety can make many of us glaze over and start thinking about more enjoyable things like our holiday plans, or a yu...

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5 Key Benefits of a Visitor Management System

Throw out the messy old paper and pen and opt in to a sleek and elegant visitor management solution. Why, you ask? Here are our top 5 reasons: