How to automatically verify a Vaccine Pass

How to set up the Vaccine Verification field to verify New Zealand issued passes.

As of the 3rd of December 2021, many New Zealand businesses are required to implement the Covid19 Protection Framework (also known as the traffic light system). For those businesses, SwipedOn can help to capture the information required (vaccine pass) during the sign-in process.

How to configure the account?

To set up the vaccine verification field, navigate to the 'Settings' > 'Visitor Fields' view of the SwipedOn web dashboard, then click on the 'Add field' and select the 'Vaccine Validation' field type.

The wording for this field can be edited with a text box below the header, where a sub-header can be added with further instructions for visitors to read and follow here.

Once the vaccine validation field has been added and the iOS app has been updated to version 3.1.0 or later, this field will now display for visitors to scan their vaccine pass and will automatically validate the pass.

*Please note: the Android SwipedOn app does not support the vaccine validation visitor field. 

As shown in the above screenshot, when this field is added, the Company Admin can choose to have approval notification triggers depending on whether this pass returns a valid or invalid status.

This will automatically be set as a required field, triggering approval if the pass comes back as invalid, allowing the admin to be notified when a visitor's vaccine pass is invalid or is not uploaded. However, the admin can adjust these settings by clicking on the checkbox to enable and disable the required or approval required options.

How the Vaccine Pass is validated?

Once the visitor uploads their vaccine pass, our system will automatically check this against the official Ministry of Health Covid Pass database and return a valid or invalid result. This can be seen against the visitor's profile within the Visits view SwipedOn web dashboard, or approval notifications can be enabled to ensure the admin is aware when this returns as valid, invalid or both.

Privacy and data policies

We do not store any personally identifiable information (PII) from the vaccine pass and follow the guidelines from the New Zealand Government on what we collect, e.g if the pass is valid and when it expires. SwipedOn does not currently match the name and date of birth from the pass to the visitor. If your business requires Identification checking, we recommend requiring approval for both valid and invalid passes.