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How to request proof of vaccination using SwipedOn

How to verify Covid19 vaccine passports using the SwipedOn system.

Some businesses may wish to ask visitors to provide proof of vaccination when signing in. SwipedOn can help to capture this information with the document upload visitor field.

How SwipedOn can help?

The document upload field provides visitors with the ability to attach their vaccine pass when scanning the QR code to sign in. If using the iPad, hold the vaccine pass in front of the camera to capture it.

If the document upload field has been set to trigger approvals, the account admin(s) at the location will see the notification as shown below.


To view the uploaded document, click “Review visits”. The admin can then verify the document against the profile in the Visitors Pending screen.

In the Pending screen, the admin will need to click on the visitor's name to open their visitor profile. The 'Download File' button will show below the document upload field. Click the icon to download the vaccine pass.


Once downloaded, the admin can download a government-provided verification app and scan the QR code on the visitor's vaccine passport to return a valid or invalid result, and based on this, approve or reject the visitor sign-in.

If approved, the host (if selected) will receive the sign-in notification and if enabled an ID badge will print.

IMPORTANT: If the sign-in is rejected, an admin will need to notify the visitor that they have not been approved entry. Enabling the phone or email field to collect contact details is advised to let someone know if they have been rejected.