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How to set up Deliveries

How to enable and set up Deliveries

🏳️ Available as an Add-on

Deliveries is the simple way to receive parcels, food orders or pretty much anything via your SwipedOn app. It's easy to get started.

Get Deliveries

You can add Deliveries to your account either by taking a free trial or by adding it to your subscription from the AddOns page.

Update your iPad app

To use Deliveries on the SwipedOn app, you'll need to ensure you have an up-to-date version. Go to the App Store on your iPad to update the app. You'll need version 2.13.0 or later. 

*Please note: you'll need to have an iPad running at least iOS 10 to use Deliveries.

Enable Deliveries on your iPad 

Once your iPad is updated, navigate to the 'Devices' view of the SwipedOn web dashboard. Check the Deliveries checkbox and the Deliveries button will appear on the iPad home screen.


*Please note: for those with multi-location accounts, navigate to the 'Locations' view and click on the 'Devices' tab to show all iPads and enable deliveries against the relevant devices.