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SwipedOn is an alternative to Traction Guest

SwipedOn and Traction Guest are visitor management systems, but overall SwipedOn is a better value for money alternative to Traction Guest.

While both brands have similar offerings on the surface - a secure digital sign-in solution hosted on a tablet at your welcome desk - they do have some key differences including price, feature-set and customization options. In this article, we take a closer look at how these two visitor management solutions differ from one another, to highlight those key differences and help you find the system that aligns with your business’ budget and feature needs.

Main differences between
SwipedOn & Traction Guest

Feature set

SwipedOn offers visitor screening , contactless sign in for visitors and employees and time-stamping allows for easy contact tracing.

SwipedOn also offers a contactless employee sign in solution; SwipedOn Pocket is a smartphone app for employees which allows them to sign in touch free and remotely. Evacuations are made easy with SwipedOn’s offline evacuation roll call feature.

Traction Guest also offers a touchless solution with emergency roll call view.


SwipedOn is a more cost-effective solution than Traction Guest. While SwipedOn offers plans which allow for multiple iPads in a single location, Traction Guest pricing is on a per iPad basis. If you have multiple entry points in a single location, you’ll need to pay for every iPad you use with Traction Guest, whereas with SwipedOn you can have multiple iPads in the same single location. Therefore, SwipedOn offers a better value-for-money solution.

Free trial

SwipedOn is easy to trial. Traction Guest is not, you must book a demo to be able to trial the product, whereas you can be up and running with a trial of SwipedOn, navigating your way around the admin dashboard within minutes!

Branding & Customization

SwipedOn offers branding and customisation on all plans, meaning you can upload your business’ logo and a custom background image, while it is unclear if Traction Guest offers this option on every plan.

Customer support

SwipedOn offers 24/6 technical support and online chat with global coverage on all plans, with an average response time of 1 minute 22 seconds.
Traction Guest offers support 9:00am - 5:00pm GMT and 8:00am - 5:00pm PST only.
Both SwipedOn and Traction Guest offer support articles to guide customers through all set-up queries and features of the product.
G2, a business software review site, recently announced their Spring 2021 awards winners and SwipedOn dominated the Visitor Management System category with 15 awards, including best support.


If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution offering visitor screening, contact tracing and employee in / out, SwipedOn might be the right fit for your business. Try it today with a 14-day free trial. And if you subscribe, SwipedOn will plant a tree for you - a fantastic initiative which sees them doing small things to give back to local communities and the planet.

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