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SwipedOn is a great alternative to Welkio

Welkio and SwipedOn are visitor management systems, but overall SwipedOn has a wider feature set, which is actively being enhanced, and is a great alternative to Welkio.
While both brands have similar offerings on the surface - a secure digital sign-in solution hosted on a tablet at your welcome desk - they do have some key differences including feature-set, reporting and employee in out. In this article, we take a closer look at how these two visitor management solutions differ from one another, to highlight those key differences and help you find the system that aligns with your business’ budget and feature needs.

Main differences between
Welkio & SwipedOn

Feature set

Visitor screening, contactless sign in and time stamping for all visitors and employee sign in/out allow you to protect your workforce against potentially high risk visitors. Should the need arise, contact tracing is available at the touch of a button.
SwipedOn also offers a contactless employee sign in solution; SwipedOn Pocket is a smartphone app for employees which allows them to sign in touch free and remotely. Evacuations are made easy with SwipedOns offline evacuation roll call feature which accounts for everyone who has signed into the premises including all visitors and employees. Welkio offers an iPad based solution only, but does not currently offer the ability for employees to sign in and out. Welkio does offer evacuation management but this is for visitors only and does not apply to employees.


SwipedOn offers the ability to report on all visitors and employees who enter and exit your premises, and with a dedicated ‘contact tracing’ button located in the web dashboard, a report is automatically generated should the need occur to carry out contact tracing.
Welkio offers reports that allow you to view and filter your visitor logs only.

Notifications & Alerts

SwipedOn supports instant email and SMS notifications which are sent to the host (employee) when a visitor has signed in to see them. Visitor screening questions allow you to screen all visitors and employees entering your premises, to ask simple yes/no questions. If they select the answer that requires approval from an admin, the admin is immediately notified.
Welkio allows you to notify employees to let them know that a visitor has arrived.

Customer Support

SwipedOn offers world class customer support across multiple global time zones with an average response time of under two minutes.


If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution offering visitor screening, contact tracing and employee in/out, try SwipedOn today with a 14-day FREE trial. And if you subscribe, SwipedOn will plant a tree for you - a fantastic initiative which sees them doing small things to give back to local communities and the planet.
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