Evacuation mode on iPad

SwipedOn comes with a unique Evacuation Mode, designed to be an aid in Emergencies and to help identify the whereabouts of those on-site. iPads can be removed from their day-to-day locations and taken to muster or assembly points.

Visitors and employees are then "marked safe" by way of a roll call. The iPad is designed to work in an "Offline Mode", essentially taking a snapshot of all individuals who are "In" at the time of losing Wi-Fi connectivity.

To activate the Evacuation Mode on the iPad

  • Give the iPad a good 'Shake', and this will show a message that asks 'Do you want to active Evacuation Mode?'

  • Alternatively, triple tap on the SwipedOn logo positioned in the top left-hand corner of the iPad and tap on 'Evacuation Mode'.

  • Two tabs are visible, one will show all visitors, and the other tab will display all employees. If using the 'Employee In/Out' feature, this will display the status of the employees next to their name.

  • Visitors and employees who have signed in will show a red 'Present?' button next to their name to be tapped to mark those signed in and accounted for as 'Safe'. 

  • Within this view, you can now also expose more of the visitor and/or employees information by tapping on their name, and this will then show their profile details on the right side of the screen.


*Please note: SwipedOn is designed to be a useful aid and does not constitute a replacement for your current Health and Safety Evacuation Procedures and Practices. If the Wi-Fi is out of range or intermittent at the time of 'roll call', simply turn it off to ensure your system runs smoothly.