First impressions last
Transform your visitor registration
Improve safety & security
Enhance your branding

We all know that your visitor’s first impression is crucial.
Customize SwipedOn at your front desk to reinforce your branding and create something truly unique.

Custom Images Custom Colors
Create a sign-in process that is streamlined, fun and useful

Our system is intuitive and easy to use. Engage your guests by pre-registering their information, wirelessly print ID badges and instantly notify staff on arrival.

Know exactly who’s in

In an emergency, time is everything and so is the ability to know who’s on site.

Use SwipedOn's web dashboard evacuation overview or simply pick up the iPad for a portable emergency checklist.

Awesome features

Cloud visitor registration

Harness the power of the cloud! Our web dashboard allows you to view, adjust and brand all iPads from the comfort of your web browser. Yes, even sync multiple iPads and locations.

Completely customisable

Make it your own. Enhance your branding with our custom features. Add stunning images, logo's and your very own accent colours.

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swipedOn customizing sample
swipedOn visitor management software
swipedOn customizing sample
swipedOn visitor management system
swipedOn employee in out board
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swipedOn visitor management solutions
swipedOn customizing sample
visitor management system for schools

Notifications and printing

SwipedOn doesn't just look beautiful, it's functional too. Pre-register visitors, instantly notify employees and even print custom visitor ID badges.


Evacuation management

If you had an emergency today, would you know who’s in and who’s not?

SwipedOn maintains a complete overview, allowing you to easily conduct roll calls.

Employee in/out

Want to maintain a full overview of employee movements too? SwipedOn is also the ultimate employee in/out board! Whether for internal communication, time-tracking or just site safety. We have you covered.

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“Costain is commited to utilizing such innovative technology as SwipedOn. It offers us a robust fire roll call solution, saves us man hours reporting and presents a professional first impression for our future customers.”
Mark Toothall Costain
“You really don’t even need to be techology savvy to use it either. Anyone can! SwipedOn also has GREAT customer service and quick!”
Paula Batiz FYC Labs
“We used to have numerous issues keeping track of the visitors in our office and keeping a detailed history. SwipedOn solved all those problems for us!”
Mark Tan Spring CM
“We absolutely love it and it is much better looking than a pen and paper (especially since we are a software company with an awesome, new, modern office).”
Jake Trojan Flexera Software

We have users in thousands of cities. Join us now!

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From Starter to the Enterprise Plan, SwipedOn won't cost you a fortune.

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