Formatting requirements when using the PDF format as your visitor agreement type

How to format your PDF document before uploading this as the visitor agreement

When creating a PDF that will be used as your visitor agreement/non-disclosure agreement, it is important to follow the below formatting:

  • The PDF document MUST be created in portrait orientation. If this is not formatted in portrait, it will not upload to the SwipedOn visitor agreement. 

  • The file size cannot exceed 10MB. If the file size is larger than this the file will not upload. 

  • SwipedOn supports a maximum of ten pages in PDF format. 

  • Any images used must be optimised for use, e.g. an image should be formatted to the correct size as not to look distorted when uploaded to the iPad.

  • Lastly, ensure the text is live, e.g. not an image of text but an editable text document that when saved, can be saved as a PDF. 

What does 'Append signature on printed agreement' allow?

If enabled, a visitor's signature will always be added to the end of the visitor agreement, including onto a new page if required.

If disabled, a visitor's signature will always be added to the last page of your PDF but may overlap your content.

*Click on the Preview button to view how your agreement will be formatted.