Requirements for a PDF format as a visitor agreement type

How to format your PDF document before uploading this as the visitor agreement

When creating a PDF that will be used as your visitor agreement/non-disclosure agreement, it is important to follow the below formatting:

  • The PDF document MUST be created in portrait orientation. If this is not formatted in portrait, it will not upload to the SwipedOn visitor agreement. 

  • The file size cannot exceed 10MB. If the file size is larger than this, the file will not upload. 

  • SwipedOn supports a maximum of ten pages in PDF format. 

  • Any images used must be optimised for use, e.g. an image should be formatted to the correct size so as not to look distorted when uploaded to the device in use.

  • PDF must be read-only e.g. not contain interactive components.
  • Ensure the text is live, e.g. not an image of text but an editable text document that, when saved, can be saved as a PDF.