Guided Access/Kiosk Mode

Disable buttons so the SwipedOn app cannot be closed.

Enabling Guided Access or Kiosk mode temporarily restricts the iPad or Android tablet to a single app. Ensuring visitors or employees cannot exit the SwipedOn app running on those devices.  

How to enable Guided Access? (iPad)

  • Exit the SwipedOn app and tap on the iPad 'Settings' app.  
  • Then tap on 'Accessibility' and tap 'Guided Access'.
  • Toggle on the Guided Access toggle and enter a pin that will be entered to exit this mode.
  • Open the SwipedOn app and press the home button x3 to enable guided access mode. 

*For more information, please check out Apple's knowledge base article found here.

How to enable Kiosk Mode? (Android Tablet)

  • Exit the SwipedOn app and tap on the tablet 'Settings' app.  
  • Then tap on 'Biometrics and security and tap on 'Other security settings'.
  • Tap on 'Pin window' and toggle 'on', toggle on 'Ask for PIN before unpinning'. 
  • Open the SwipedOn app and tap on the button with the three lines to the left to display the app overview screen.
  • Tap the SwipedOn app icon to display a menu and tap 'Pin this app'. 
  • A message will display showing how to unpin the app, tap 'OK' to close it and finish the set-up.
*Please note: depending on the Android tablet in use, for further assistance, Google's knowledge base article can be found here