How to create a location - SwipedOn Desks

This article will explain how to create a location

⚠️ This article relates to SwipedOn Desks which is a separate platform to our SwipedOn Visitor Management Software. SwipedOn Spaces and Resource Booking have their own help centre articles

Before you can link your Desks you must create a location.

To create your first location, follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, sign into the admin panel. Once logged in, the landing page will display showing all existing locations (if any)

  • Click on 'Add New Location' to create a new location.

  • Name
    The name of the location. This could just be the city or commonly used name. 

  • Address
    The postal address of the location.

  • Time zone
    The time zone of the location. This is important to ensure the system can correctly save and display bookings for users all over the world.

  • Location Image (Optional)
    It is possible to provide an image for each location that simply helps when administering the system. This must be a .PNG or .JPG file format.
    If not provided, a generic placeholder image will be used.

  • UUID (Optional)
    This is only required when using sensors to monitor presence. Each sensor has three IDs that are used to link them to a specific building, level and space. This field is used to link sensor data to this building.

  • Geo Community ID & Geo Drawing ID (Optional)
    This is only required when using HERE maps. This field links this location to the matching location in HERE maps.



  • When all details are entered, click on "Add Location" to save the record and return to the location homepage. The location is now available for entering levels and then spaces.