How to disable Visitor & Employee buttons on the iPad or tablet

Only want employees to sign in and out on a device? Simply disable the Visitor In/Out feature to remove the visitor sign-in options.

Disabling the Visitor In/Out feature is useful when you may only need to use the device to scan in Deliveries using our Deliveries AddOn, or you may only want Employees to use it to sign in and out.

Whatever the use case, disabling the Visitor In/Out feature will remove the 'Sign In' and 'Sign Out' options from displaying on the device. The SwipedOn app version 2.23.0 or later will need to be installed on the iPad or tablet to support this feature.

How to disable visitor in/out (single location)

  • Navigate to the 'Devices' page
  • Click on the device name, this will open a drawer menu on the right hand side. Select the options that you'd like to have enabled on the device. 

  • Uncheck the 'Visitor In/Out' option to disable the 'sign in' and 'sign out' visitor buttons on the device.