Remember visitors

Enabling remember visitors will make your visitors next sign in experience even faster!

To shorten the sign-in process, regular visitors can enable 'Remember me' on the iPad for a quicker sign-in on return.

How to enable the remember visitors setting

To enable the 'Remember visitors' setting, navigate to the SwipedOn web dashboard 'Settings' > 'Visitors' view and enable the 'Allow visitors to save their details for their next visit' setting.

Once enabled, when a visitor signs in on the iPad, the 'Remember me' toggle will appear at the end of the visitor fields page, when enabled, their fields will populate with this data upon their next visit. 


*Please note: disabling this setting will remove existing remembered visitors associated with the location. Remembered visitors who are currently signed in will be signed out. Existing visit data will not be removed.

'Display name matches as visitors enter their details' 

To ensure a faster sign-in when a returning visitor has enabled 'Remember me' during their previous visit, ensure 'Display name matches as visitors enter their details' is enabled within the 'Settings' > 'Visitors' view.

Doing so allows for a quick and easy sign-in experience upon the visitors' return. Enabling both features will allow the visitor to input the first three letters of their name and select from a list of 'remembered' visitors with matching records.

To ensure a more secure sign-in when a returning visitor has enabled 'Remember me' during their previous visit, disable this setting. 

Disabling 'Display name matches as visitors enter their details' for those visitors using 'Remember me' will result in the visitor having to fill out the first two mandatory fields upon their next visit. Only then will matching remembered visitor records that match the mandatory fields appear in a list to select from and complete sign-in.

Remember me - host selection is saved

To shorten the sign-in process, those visitors that enable the 'Remember me' feature on the iPad can also enable 'I'm here to visit (hostname)' if their host is signed in. This will mean when signing in again with their remembered visitor details they will not need to go through the host selection process.

The visitor can skip the 'Select a host (employee)' step by toggling on 'I'm here to visit (hostname) again'. If they need to see a different host (employee) they can skip toggling this option on, and they will see the regular 'Select a host (employee)' screen.

*Please note: if the employee is signed out, or the host selection is no longer enabled this option will not appear for the visitor on their return sign-in visit.

How to view remembered visitors

When visitors have completed a sign-in on the iPad and enabled the 'Remember me' option, their movement will appear against both the 'Timeline' tab and they'll appear against the 'Remembered Visitors' tab of the 'Visitors' view.