Save and sign in for contactless visitor sign-ins

Regular visitors can automatically save their details to their own devices for a faster sign-in experience when scanning a QR code.

When your visitors scan a QR code with their phone, they can choose to save their responses to your visitor fields to their device for a faster sign-in next time.

Sign in once, or Save and sign in

When a visitor has completed the sign-in process, they are presented with the option to Sign in once, or Save and sign in.


Tapping Sign in once signs in the visitor just for a single visit. If the same visitor returns later for another visit, they would need to complete all fields again to sign in.

If the visitor chooses Save and sign in, the responses they have entered for visitor fields are saved to local storage on their phone. The next time the visitor returns for a visit, this data will be retrieved when they scan the QR code and populated into the fields for a faster sign-in.

Signing in as a Saved Visitor

With your visitor details saved to your phone, scanning the QR code at a SwipedOn location you've visited before brings you to your profile page. From here, you can swipe or tap the button to start signing in, and any fields you've completed before will be pre-populated.


From the profile screen, you can also select a new category, if appropriate, or choose 'Forget these Details' at the bottom of the screen to start a new visit with a blank form.

Saved visitor data isn't held as a Remembered Visitor on your SwipedOn account, which means a visitor saved on their own phone can't be selected as a remembered visitor in the SwipedOn iPad or Android tablet app. No additional data leaves the user's device.

The Save and sign-in option is available for all visitors scanning a QR code. This is not an option that needs to be enabled with the account.