Visitor Categories

Find out what visitor categories are used for and how to set these up.

Visitor Categories

To set up visitor categories, navigate to the 'Settings' > 'Visitor Fields' view of your SwipedOn web dashboard.

To the left of the screen is an 'Add Categories' button. Click on this, type in your category name and click 'Add'.

This category will now show at the end of the list. Clicking on the arrow to the left of the category name provides additional options that can be set per category.

Additional options:

  • Disable Employee Selection: Visitors signing in when a category has employee selection disabled will not be prompted to select from an employee when signing in. Disabling the employee (host) selection is useful when a visitor is required to sign in but does not necessarily need to meet an employee, e.g. a cleaner. 

  • Disable Catering Selection: Visitors that select a category with catering disabled will not be prompted to select a beverage or food item when signing in if the Catering AddOn is subscribed to.

Category title/question

If you would like to set a particular question or title for the visitor category, enable this checkbox at the top of the categories and input up to 128 characters to display here.

Reordering and hiding categories

To reorder a category, select the six dots to the right of the category with your cursor, then drag and drop the category into your preferred order.

To hide a category as opposed to removing it, deselect the category and click the eye icon. If you have selected a category, as shown below for the 'Sales Rep' category, no eye icon will appear.

Once hidden, the category will now show as inactive. Click on the eye icon to reactivate in the future or to provide you with the option to delete this category.

Removing categories

To remove a category as opposed to hiding it, click on the drop-down arrow to the left of the category name to open the additional options. Click on 'Remove' to action this change. 

A confirmation screen will then appear asking if you are sure you would like to remove this category as opposed to hiding it. Click 'Remove' to proceed.

Filtering visits by category

Another benefit of visitor categories is being able to filter by category against the 'Visits' view of the SwipedOn web dashboard.

To filter your visits by category, navigate to the 'Visitors' > 'Visits' view of your SwipedOn web dashboard and click on the 'Category' filter. Here you can filter to see 'All' or select a custom category to view any associated visits.

*Please note: if only one category is enabled, this will default all visitors to this category and therefore will not provide the visitor with the option to select a category when signing in.