Assigning AddOns for multi-location accounts

How to assign an AddOn to a location for accounts with more than one location.

Once an AddOn has been purchased for a multi-location account, the AddOn will need to be assigned to one of the locations in order for this to be enabled against the devices associated with the location.

How to assign an AddOn to a location

After subscribing to a SwipedOn AddOn, navigate to the 'Locations & Devices' view, then on the 'AddOns' tab. Here, the subscription can be assigned to a location by clicking on the drop-down arrow below the location and selecting the SMS AddOn.

Each location that requires SMS notifications will need to have an unlimited SMS subscription applied in order to use this notification method. Once selected, as shown above, the AddOn will appear next to the locations name and display below the AddOn on the right of the screen.

To remove an AddOn from a location, simply click on the 'X' button next to the AddOn assigned to the location.

To learn more about the SwipedOn AddOns, please find our support article here.