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How to collect a delivery?

Once a delivery contact is notified of their delivery, how do they confirm collection?

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There are two ways that a delivery can be marked as collected: either via the iPad or the SwipedOn web dashboard. Below, we explain further how each method of collection works.

Collecting a delivery from the iPad


To collect a Delivery from the iPad, tap on the 'Deliveries' button and then in the lower-left corner of the iPad is a 'Collect Deliveries' button.


Once 'Collect Deliveries' has been tapped, all deliveries assigned to recipients will be listed here. Tap on the 'Collect' button against the delivery you are there to pick up, and this will confirm the item is no longer waiting for collection.

*Please note: General Deliveries will only appear on the web dashboard view to be marked as collected, as explained further below.

Collecting a delivery from the web dashboard

Once a delivery has been made, you can collect this from the web dashboard Deliveries view, here you can click on the 'Mark as Collected' button to confirm collection for delivery has occurred.