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How to collect a delivery?

Once a delivery contact is notified of their delivery, how do they confirm collection?

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There are two ways that a delivery can be marked as collected: either via the iPad or Android tablet or via the SwipedOn web dashboard. Below, we explain further how each method of collection works.

How to collect a delivery from the iPad or Android tablet?

Tap on the Deliveries button, and then, in the lower left corner is the option to 'Collect Deliveries'. Here each employee with an item to collect will appear.

The employee can then tap on 'Collect' and will see a screen appear with a message stating the delivery has been collected, indicating this was successful. The Deliveries logs will then sync this collection, showing the time and date the item was collected.

Check it out in action below! 

How to collect a delivery from the web dashboard

Once a delivery has been made, the admins can collect this from the web dashboard 'Deliveries' view by clicking on the 'Mark as Collected' button.

Once collected, this button will change to green 'Collected' wording and will no longer show on the 'Collect Deliveries' view of the iPad or Android tablet. *Please note: general deliveries cannot be collected via the deliveries log and can only be collected from the iPad or Android tablet view, as shown at the top of this article.