SwipedOn Workplace Sign In Sytem
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$ 19 USD
per month
billed annually

Perfect for smaller businesses wanting to automate their processes

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Lite features

  • One device or QR code
  • Up to 10 employees
  • Contactless sign in
  • Unlimited visitors
  • 1 resource includedNEW
$ 55 USD
per location / month
billed annually

A simple solution for those with more people or locations

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All Lite features, plus...

  • Unlimited employees
  • Visitor photos
  • ID badge printing
  • Digital agreements
  • Slack & Teams notifications
  • Sync multiple locations
  • Live chat support
  • 1 resource includedNEW
  • Offer catering on sign in
$ 109 USD
per location / month
billed annually

The complete workplace solution with greater visibility and control

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All Standard features, plus...

  • Unlimited devices or QR codes
  • Location verified sign in/out
  • Visitor approvals
  • Remote working
  • Employee roaming
  • Live display of staff in/out
  • Customer success onboarding
  • 3 resources includedNEW
  • Delivery management
  • SMS notifications
$ 169 USD
per location / month
billed annually

For workplaces with greater safety, security & compliance requirements

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All Premium features, plus...

  • Customize multiple visitor flows
  • Record multiple agreements
  • Employee directory integrations
  • Auto anonymize visitor data
  • Priority support
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Bespoke onboarding
  • 5 resources includedNEW

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Devices or QR codes per location
 Up to 10
Recorded visits
Host notifications
Emergency evacuation mode
24/5 live support
Manage multiple locations from one account
Remote working & office roaming for employees
Automatic employee sign in/out via geo-fence
Digital employee in out board display
Custom visitor sign in flows
Bespoke onboarding and implementation
Custom visitor categories
Host selection and notifications
Contactless sign in
Remember visitors
  location p/m
  location p/m
Photo capture
ID badge printing
Digital agreements
Bulk preregistration & invites
Approve or deny visitors
Automatic data anonymization
Custom visitor flows by visitor type
Upload employees via CSV file
Contactless sign in options
Specify auto sign out time
SwipedOn Pocket App for employees
  location p/m
  location p/m
Sign in verification photos
Slack & Teams notifications
Office roaming & remote working
Location verified sign in/out
Sign in/out reminders
Automatic geo-fenced sign in/out
Digital employee in out board display