How to connect my Brother QL-810W to Wi-Fi (Windows)

This article will take you through the steps to connect the Brother QL-810W label printer to the wifi network. Firstly, please ensure you have the printer USB cable on hand to connect to the Wi-Fi network using this method.

How to connect the Brother QL-810W label printer to the Wi-Fi network

  • Navigate to the Brother support website.

  • Select your country/region and click on 'Product Search'.

  • Enter the printer model QL-810W and click 'Search'.

  • Click on the Downloads option. This will automatically select your OS.

  • Below the Drivers section is the 'Printer Driver' click this to install this driver.

  • Before running the setup wizard, please ensure your printer is connected to power, the USB cable is connected from the printer to the device that will be running the wizard and the printer is turned ON.

  • Unzip the file and locate this in your downloads folder. Open this and double click on the D_SETUP.exe file to launch the wizard.

  • The wizard will ask you to select which model, click on QL-810W and click on 'OK'.

  • When the wizard pops up, click 'Next'.

  • Select the 'Wireless Network Connection' option and click 'Next'.

  • Select the 'Brother Peer-to-Peer Network Printer' and click 'Next'.

  • If a firewall or antivirus software is running on the device, the below screen will appear. Select the first option to change the firewall settings and click 'Next.

  • You'll then be asked if you have the printer USB cable on hand. Select the first option to confirm you have this available and click 'Next'.

  • Tick the 'Checked and confirmed' box and click 'Next' to proceed to the next step.

  • This will then search for any available networks.

  • Select the Wi-Fi network the printer will be connected to and click 'Next'.

  • Enter the password for the Wi-Fi network selected in the above step and click 'Next'.

  • Confirm the wireless network settings are correct and click 'Next'.

  • This will then prompt you to disconnect the USB cable. Disconnect from either the printer or the device and click 'Next'.

  • The QL-810W printer should now show a solid blue LED light above the Wi-Fi symbol, indicating the connection has successfully been established. Click 'Cancel' to close the wizard.

  • Once the printer is connected to the Wi-Fi network, the last step will be to connect the printer to the SwipedOn iPad or Android tablet app. Please find more information on this process.