How to set up the Slack integration

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SwipedOn now offers a sweet Slack integration that makes keeping track of employee movements even easier. With our Slack app, SwipedOn will automatically post employee movements to the channels you choose, which is a great way to increase transparency across your whole organization.

How to set up the Slack Integration 

Navigate to the 'Integrations' view of the SwipedOn web dashboard and click on 'Set Up' below the Slack heading.

Next, select the Slack account that SwipedOn will be integrating with from the drop-down in the top right corner of the screen, and click on the green 'Allow' button at the bottom of the page. 

Once connected, click on the 'Select a Location' text box and search or select a SwipedOn location from the drop-down list. 

Map this to the Slack channel under the 'Select a Channel' field by selecting a channel from the drop-down list or searching for a channel, clicking 'Add' once the mapping has been completed.

Please note, only public Slack channels can be connected. Private channels will not appear in this list.

The mapped locations and Slack channels will then display in a list view as shown below. 

How to manage the Slack integration 

If changes need to be made to the Slack integration, company admins can do so by navigating to the 'Integrations' tab of the SwipedOn web dashboard and can click on the 'Manage' button shown below the Slack integration.

The 'Active' toggle will allow the Company Admins to disable a connection without removing the setup of the mapped location.

The rubbish bin icon will allow the admins to remove the connection between the associated location and the Slack channel when clicked.

The 'Remove Integration' button will result in all mapped locations and Slack channels being deactivated and deleted. This will also remove the SwipedOn app from the Slack workspace. The integration will then need to be set up again as shown at the top of this article. 

Additional considerations 

If a location is connected to a Slack channel that is then archived, deleted or made private, the SwipedOn connections will also be removed. To continue receiving updates in that channel, a new location would have to be connected.