Preparing your employee CSV file

Tips for ensuring the CSV file is correct before bulk uploading the employees

We've created a simple tool to help upload and update employee information using a CSV file and the bulk upload option. 

When creating the CSV file, there are some fields that you will be required to input to successfully upload the employees. Below we have listed the required fields.


  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email Address

Optional Fields

  • Phone

  • Custom Fields (can be created within the 'Settings' > 'Employees' view)

Phone numbers

Phone numbers are used by SwipedOn to send employee SMS text notifications. Our SMS text platform requires International phone number formats due to our global distribution of customers.

Therefore, phone numbers entered need to be in the following format: 

  • Each number must be a valid phone number.

  • Each number must be at least seven digits.

  • Each number must have the correct international country code prefix, e.g. +64
    (this can be achieved by selecting the country's flag in the employees' profile. This will apply the international country code prefix).

  • Letter characters will not be accepted. e.g. "Ext" will not be allowed. 

Pro tip: If you wish to add an extension number that does not conform to the above requirements, please set up a custom employee field named "Phone Ext" or similar. Use this field in your bulk upload to set this number against.

Email Address Format

The email address must be valid and formatted correctly. Here are some examples that will fail: 

Rules and Permissions

  • An employee can only be uploaded into a single location - the row will fail to import if you try to import a user which already exists within SwipedOn. 

  • Company Admins can import users into any location within the company account.

  • Location Admins can only import user into their location.