SMS Notifications

How to enable SMS notifications and ensure correct phone formatting is applied.

Keeping employees up to date with expected, and sometimes unexpected, visitors is something that SwipedOn understands. We've included two ways for which employees can receive notifications of their guests: via email and SMS.

Select a host

When the 'Require visitors to select who they're meeting with' visitor setting has been enabled from within Settings > Visitor Settings > Advanced Settings, the host selected by the visitor upon sign-in will receive an SMS notification of the visitor's arrival if using the SMS AddOn. 

*Please note: when trialling SwipedOn, the account will have 25 SMS credits to allow the SMS notification feature to be thoroughly tested before subscribing to the SMS AddOn.  

Formatting the Employee's Phone Number

Specific formatting is required in order for SMS notifications to function properly.
Correct formatting can be achieved either by selecting the flag to apply the country code or by adding the country code before the number, e.g. +1 XXXXXXXX

*Please note: if using the employee bulk upload or AD sync feature, be sure to add the country code for a successful upload. 

Once a phone number has been added to the employee's profile, and the 'Require visitors to select who they're meeting with' setting has been enabled, the employee will receive an email and SMS notification alerting them of their visitor's arrival.