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How does Deliveries work for my business?

🏳️ Available as an Add-on

The SwipedOn AddOn for Deliveries enables your business to streamline your deliveries process. So you can put time back in your day, focusing on the things that matter most. 

Key features

  • Scan, receive and record your inbound parcels in real-time.

  • Keep your mailroom organized and front desk looking professional.

  • Keep track of and manage inbound parcels in your business.

  • Instantly notify your recipients upon delivery! 

How do I get a free trial of deliveries? 

When you sign up for a free trial of SwipedOn, you'll automatically have a free trial of deliveries. If you already have a subscription to SwipedOn, then please click on the below button to take a free trial of deliveries.

Start a free trial of deliveries