SwipedOn Pocket

The SwipedOn Pocket app offers an alternative way for employees to sign in without using the iPad or Android tablet.

The SwipedOn Pocket app is here to help ensure a hygienic, touch-free way to sign in. Employees can download the app on their smartphone and sign in and out on their own device.

We've created a comprehensive PDF that can be sent out to employees that will need to install and use the SwipedOn Pocket app when signing in and out.

Download PDF here

How to enable SwipedOn Pocket

SwipedOn Pocket is enabled from within the SwipedOn web dashboard by a company admin. The setting is located within the 'Settings' > 'Employee Settings' > 'Pocket App' view of the SwipedOn web dashboard. Enable the 'Allow employees to sign in & out using SwipedOn Pocket' setting.

Employees at this SwipedOn account will be able to log into the SwipedOn Pocket app with their email address and complete their daily sign-in and out actions, including the ability to answer sign in questions, leave status messages and set return times.

Pocket app

  • Please note: if subscribed to a multi-location account, location settings are applicable on this page. Click here to find out more about location settings.

How to download SwipedOn Pocket

Employees can download the SwipedOn Pocket app from the Google Play store if using an Android OS smartphone and from the Apple App store if using an Apple iPhone.

Please note: SwipedOn Pocket v3.0.0 requires Android 8 or later for Android OS devices and iOS 16 for Apple iPhones.

How to log in to SwipedOn Pocket

Once the app has been installed, the employee will be required to input their work email address. This needs to be the same email used for their SwipedOn employee profile.

The employee will then receive an email containing a unique code. They will be prompted to press the confirm button or enter this code into SwipedOn Pocket if they are reading the email on another device.

Now that the email address is verified, the employee will be able to complete daily SwipedOn interactions using the app.