What are location settings?

In what scenarios are location settings useful?

🏳️ Available for Enterprise

Location settings are applicable to those accounts subscribed to an Enterprise plan with two or more locations. This feature gives company admins the ability to create different settings for each of the locations associated with the Enterprise multi-location account.

For example, this is useful for those organizations that require different visitor fields to appear for visitor sign-ins at different locations associated with the account. E.g. Location A requires a field that asks the visitor for information not required at Location B; with location settings, this can be achieved.

In this case, to set up a location with different settings to another, navigate to the Settings > Visitor Fields view of the SwipedOn web dashboard and select Location A from the location selector and apply the additional field required here. Fnd out more about how to set up and use location settings.

*Please note: location settings are currently available for certain pages of the SwipedOn web dashboard.