Troubleshooting printers, printer unavailable

Common status messages when troubleshooting printers

Have issues connecting the SwipedOn iPad or Android tablet app to the supported Brother QL series printer? Below are some of the reasons the connection cannot be established. 

  • The printer is unavailable 

    The printer, iPad, or Android tablet must be connected to the same stable Wi-Fi network. Our support articles will guide you through how to establish this Wi-Fi connection depending on the printer model. 
  • There are no available printers

    This can mean the printer is not on, connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, or is connected to a different Wi-Fi network. 
  • The printer is not connected via Bluetooth

    The QL-820NWB model printer supports a Bluetooth connection; the iPad connecting to the printer will need to have Bluetooth enabled and connect to the printer from within the Settings app. Please note that you cannot connect to a printer via Bluetooth with an Android Tablet. Find out how to set up a Bluetooth connection
  • The printer is turned on with the lid open

    If the printer lid is not securely closed, the ID badge will not be able to print, please ensure the label roll is correctly installed and the lid is securely closed. 
  • The printer has incompatible labels installed

    If everything else is correctly set up, please check that the printer label type installed is supported by us.
  • The printer is connected to Wi-Fi but still not showing on the device

    Locate the printer's IP address and confirm this returns the Brother web admin portal when the IP is entered into the web browser's URL. If this is unable to connect to the Brother web admin portal, the IP address is no longer online, and the printer needs to be reconnected. However, if this returns a successful connection, and tapping on 'search for the printers' again is still not showing this device, try adding the printer manually
  • Finding the printer's IP address 

    Press and hold the 'CUT' button for 4-5 seconds, and a number of labels will print; on one of the 3rd or 4th labels, the 'IP Address' line will appear; this usually begins in 192.168. 

Still, need help? Get in touch with our support team via live chat or email for further assistance.