Using Location Groups for settings

How to group locations together to ensure they share settings.

🏳️ Available for Business and Enterprise

If you have a multi-location Enterprise account, you can use the Groups tab on the Locations page to choose which locations have independent settings and which are grouped together with the same settings.


Location Groups

You can create as many location groups as you like to organize your locations. Add a new location group by clicking on the 'Add Group' button.


Once you've added a group, you can drag an existing location into a group by clicking and holding the draggable handle at the right of the location card.


You can also add new locations to a group if your Enterprise plan has additional locations available.


Any locations created in or moved into a group will automatically assume all of the settings currently set for that location group.

Single Locations

There are two ways to set a location within a group as an independent single location. The first way is to select that location on a supported settings page (such as Visitor Settings, Visitor Fields, etc) and change a setting.



The location will be removed from its group and function as a single location with its own independent settings. This location will then show in the Single Locations column on the Groups tab.



On the Groups tab, you can also drag a location out of a Location Group and drop it in the Single Locations column.


Locations moved this way will retain all of the settings of the group it was removed from, but from that point on will be independent. Settings updated for that location will apply only to that location.