Using QR codes with SwipedOn Pocket

Signing in and out via QR codes as an employee using the Pocket app

The SwipedOn Pocket app is now QR code compatible and can facilitate and verify employee movements via QR code.

This feature is available for those subscribed to the Business plan or above. It is available for Android and iOS users running SwipedOn Pocket version 2.7.0.

Employees using the SwipedOn Pocket app can now scan the QR code provided for visitors, opening the Pocket app and allowing the employee to sign in or out. The employee's movement will then appear with a green tick within the web dashboard next to the movement showing it was verified.

Please note: If the employee scans the QR code and does not use the Pocket app, the QR code will show the visitor sign-in flow to complete instead.

How to download the QR code

The employees will complete verification using the same QR codes available for visitors to sign in and out. To download the static QR code, navigate to the 'Settings' > 'Contactless' view of the web dashboard; here is the option to 'download a static QR code' in the form of a PNG or SVG file.

Alternatively, the QR code can be generated to display on the iPad by checking the 'Generate dynamic QR code on iPad' setting. However, the iPad's beacon range will already provide verification of the sign-in or out movement taking place onsite.

How to enable 'require location verification'

For those businesses that need the employee sign in to be verified onsite, we offer the 'require location verification' feature within the 'Settings' > 'Contactless' view of the SwipedOn web dashboard.


Once enabled, when the employee taps the arrow to sign in within the SwipedOn Pocket app, the employee will be prompted to scan the QR code to proceed through the sign-in process. If the employee signs in within the range of the iPad's beacon, this range is around 50 meters depending on environmental factors. They will not need to scan the QR code as the beacon will apply the tick to verify that this movement took place onsite.

Please note: If you do not have 'require location verification' enabled, as shown above, the employee will still be able to scan the QR code when signing in.

The employee will not be prompted to scan the QR code when tapping the arrow to sign in as it does when this is enabled. Instead, the employee will open the camera app on their device and scan the QR code. The Pocket app will then open, allowing them to answer any sign-in questions and complete sign-in.

How does this work in conjunction with Employee Roaming?

Employees who work across multiple locations can easily manage this via the SwipedOn Pocket app; scanning the QR code will make this even easier! Once the employee has scanned the QR code, this will automatically update the employee to show at this location. They can then sign in and answer any sign-in questions.

Please find our support article here if you'd like to learn more about our employee roaming feature.


The 'Employees' > 'Timeline' view of the SwipedOn web dashboard will display whether the sign in or out movement has been verified.

When an employee signs in or out within the iPads beacon range or using a QR code, a green tick will appear next to the employee's Timeline movements.