Visitor agreements

How to add, configure and download visitor agreements

Any requirement for visitors to review and sign your non-disclosure agreement or health and safety register is easily handled, assisting as a tool in your regulatory compliance system.

Don’t get lost in the paperwork and risk losing these essential documents - our visitor management system stores your information safely and without fuss.

Configuring your visitor agreement

To configure the visitor agreement, log into the SwipedOn web dashboard and navigate to 'Settings' > 'Agreement' view.


  • 'Text' is the default setting for visitor agreements, this will display a generic agreement that can be removed or edited.

  • To edit the text visitor agreement, click the 'Edit' button at the top of the page and then click in the text box to begin editing the agreement.

  • When text is highlighted, additional formatting options will appear as shown below.

  • Click on the 'Publish' button to apply these changes.


  • To change the agreement type to a PDF, click on the 'Edit' button and select 'PDF'.

  • This will display the default text agreement in PDF format, to upload a new PDF file, click on the 'Add PDF' button.

  • Select the PDF you wish to use and click on 'Publish' to apply this agreement.


  • PDF visitor agreements should be one file, of no more than ten pages long.

  • The maximum file size should not exceed 10 MB.

  • PDF files should be A4.

  • PDF files should be saved in portrait prior to upload. Landscape files will not successfully upload.

Additional options

Require signature

  • If enabled, the visitor will be asked to provide a signature against this agreement.

  • If disabled, the visitor will see an 'Agree' button to tap and no signature will be required.

How to download the visitor agreement?

  • Navigate to the 'Visitors' > 'Visits' view of the SwipedOn web dashboard.

  • Click on a visitor name and then click on the 'Download Agreement' button.

Can my visitors get a copy of their signed visitor agreement?

Yes, they can. During registration, visitors can choose to have the agreement emailed to them by enabling this option and entering an email address.

*SwipedOn does not collect nor use your visitors' email addresses entered for this purpose.