What are the Hardware / Software requirements to use SwipedOn?

Apple iPads, Android tablets, Brother printers and label rolls SwipedOn supports can be found here!

iPad models SwipedOn supports

  • iPad Air (2013 - current)
  • iPad (2017 - current)
  • iPad Pro (2015 - current)
*Please note: SwipedOn supports models running iOS 11 or later and with a display no smaller than 9.7 inches.

Android tablets SwipedOn supports

The SwipedOn Android app is compatible with tablets running Android 11 and above and will work best on those with a screen resolution of at least 1920 x 1200 pixels. If purchasing a new device, we recommend Lenovo “3rd Gen” models and the Samsung Galaxy Tab series with 10.1-inch screens.

*Please note: SwipedOn is available on Android tablets running Android 11 or later.

SwipedOn Pocket app supports

  • Smartphones running Android - Android 8 or later

  • Smartphones running iOS (Apple) - iOS 14.1 or later

Find out more information on the Employee Pocket app for contactless sign-in.

Label printer models SwipedOn supports

  • QL-820NWB

  • QL-810W 

  • QL-710W

  • QL-720NW 

*Please note: Android tablets can only be connected to the printer via WiFi. Bluetooth support is available with iPad devices.

Label rolls SwipedOn supports

  • 260 Labels - Black on White
    DK11234/DK1234 - 60 mm x 86 mm

  • Shipping - White Paper Labels
    DK11202/DK1202 - 62mm x 100mm

  • Continuous Length Film Tape - Black on White
    DK22212/DK2212 - 62mm x 15.24m

  • Continuous Length Paper Tape - Black on White
    DK22205/DK2205 - 62mm x 30.48m

  • Continuous Length Removable Paper Tape - Black on White
    DK44205/DK4205 - 62mm x 30.48m

  • Continuous Length Non-Adhesive Paper Tape - Black on White
    DKN55224/DKN5224 - 54mm x 30.48m

  • Continuous Length Paper Tape - Red/Black on White
    DK22251/DK2251 - 62mm x 15.2m

Web browsers SwipedOn supports

  • Chrome 

  • Safari

  • Firefox

  • Brave
  • Microsoft Edge