What is the Enterprise Plan?

What does the Enterprise plan allow and what features does it enable?

The Enterprise plan is a customized subscription designed specifically for businesses that require a unique set-up. The features and AddOns included in this plan can be located below.

What features are available on the Enterprise plan?

  • Ability to manage multiple locations under one account.

  • Automatically anonymize visitor data.

  • Location-based settings.

  • Proximity for SwipedOn Pocket.

  • Multiple linked devices.

  • Unlimited employee hosts.

  • Active Directory Integration.

  • Visitor fields by category.

  • 24/5 priority support available on the phone, live chat, or email, with a dedicated account manager.

See a full list of the specific features available on the Enterprise plan on our pricing page

What AddOns are bundled with the Enterprise plan?

  • Catering

  • SMS Notifications

  • Deliveries

How much does the Enterprise plan cost, and how do I buy it? 

The cost of the Enterprise plan is determined by several factors, including the number of locations required. 

Interested in receiving a pricing quote for an Enterprise plan? Fill out a quick enquiry and one of our friendly team will be in touch!