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Anonymizing your data

All you need to know about Anonymizing data in SwipedOn

What is Anonymization?

Anonymization is the process of turning data into a form which does not identify individuals. Privacy laws, like GDPR, control how organisations use ‘personal data’ – that is information which allows individuals to be identified.

With SwipedOn, it is now possible to anonymize visitor & employee data, therefore helping you and your company comply with GDPR.


Full anonymization of visitor or employee data will achieve the following

  • Anonymize the person's name

  • Anonymize the person's company name

  • Anonymize the person's custom fields

  • Delete the person's photo(s)

  • Delete the visitor's agreement

  • Delete the visitor's signature

Anonymizing visitor or employee data will maintain the following

  • The timestamp of the movement record

  • The host (employee) that was visited (unless also anonymized)

With SwipedOn, it's possible to anonymize information in three ways:

1. Visit Anonymization

  • This method should be used when you wish to only anonymize an individual visit. In this case, all or some of the visits can be anonymized from the 'Visits' tab.

2. Visitor Auto-Anonymization

  • This method is available for those subscribed to our Enterprise plan or above. This feature will automatically anonymize any visits after the selected number of days.

    Example use case:
    Your business decides that visitor data should only be kept for one month. A visitor, Bob Smith, has visited your business every week for the last year. You can now anonymize all of Bob's visits that are older than a month old, but keep the most recent ones.

3. Employee Anonymization

  • This method should be used when you are required to remove all data associated with an employee, including all the movement history (if applicable).