How to anonymize 'Visits'

How to delete 'visits' from your SwipedOn web dashboard

This feature should be used when a visitor movement e.g. a visit, needs to be anonymized, all or some of the visits can be anonymized from the 'Visits' tab.

Example use case:
Your business decides that visitor data should only be kept for one month. A visitor, Bob Smith, has visited your business every week for the last year. You can anonymize all of Bob's visits that are older than a month old but keep the most recent.

Additional considerations:

  • Only signed-out visits can be anonymized.

  • Visitor data can be anonymized from the Visits or Remembered Visitors view.

  • Remembered visitors that are anonymized can also select the option to anonymize related Visits, learn more here.

  • Anonymizing 'Visits' will not result in anonymizing visitors against the 'Remembered Visitors' view.

To anonymize a single visit, follow the below steps:

  • Navigate to the Visitors > 'Visits' view of the SwipedOn web dashboard and select the visit/s you wish to anonymize.

  • Click the 'Anonymize Selected' button.

  • Confirm the action by entering DELETE in capitals and clicking 'Anonymize'.

  • Once the visit is anonymized, the data will appear as shown below on the 'Visits' view.

*Please note, the visitor is now anonymized, the row entry should now appear with all personal information removed. In busy times, this process may take a minute or two, so please refresh your page.