Deliveries FAQ's

Have a question about our Deliveries AddOn? Check out our FAQ's below!


🏳️ Add-on bundled with Premium and Enterprise.

How much do Deliveries cost?

Annual subscription: $25 USD per month per location (billed annually)
Monthly subscription: $29 USD per month per location (billed monthly)
*Deliveries are billed at a per-location cost.

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How does your Deliveries subscription work with your SwipedOn subscription? 

The deliveries AddOn is bundled in with our Premium and Enterprise plans. Lite and Standard plans will be billed at the same frequency as the main account subscription, e.g. annual or monthly. 

If you are an existing customer not on a Premium or Enterprise plan and are interested in adding Deliveries to your subscription, this will be added to your current subscription period. The Deliveries AddOn will be billed for the remaining days of the current subscription, and on the next SwipedOn billing period, this will be billed for both SwipedOn and the AddOn.

Is there a discount if I need this on more than one device?

We do not discount our pricing for Deliveries as we believe that our AddOns represent excellent value for money for our customers. 

What if I can’t pick up large parcels to scan items on the device?

The iPad and Android tablet both offer the options to use the front or back-facing cameras. We recommend that the delivery person switch to the back camera and point this at the delivery item to allow the delivery to be scanned and the recipient notified. 

Alternatively, the delivery person can use the 'Search' option and enter the recipient's name, selecting them from the employee directory. Once selected, this recipient will be notified. 

How does the app know which recipient to select when a delivery item is scanned? 

Our Deliveries AddOn utilises optical character recognition (OCR) to enable your packages to be scanned instantly. The iPad and Android tablet camera use OCR to find the recipient and match this with the name from the employee directory.

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition and is the world-class technology we’ve implemented that enables packages to be scanned and your employees to be notified instantly.

Can I add multiple General Delivery recipients? 

Yes, you can add as many as you need! Check out our General Deliveries support article that will guide you through how to add to your General Deliveries Recipients list.
*Please note: all those set up as General Delivery Recipients will be notified if this option is selected by a courier when delivering the parcel. 

Will employees who are signed out still be notified of their delivery? 

Yes. If ‘Signature required’ is selected, and the employee is signed out, then the General Delivery's contact will be notified along with the employee that is signed out.
If ‘Signature required’ is not selected, then only the signed-out employee will receive the notification.