How to preregister a visitor with SwipedOn Pocket

Enable employees to preregister their own visitors with SwipedOn Pocket

🏳 Available on our Standard, Premium & Enterprise plans 

How to enable preregistration in SwipedOn Pocket

Before employees can preregister visitors with SwipedOn Pocket, an admin must enable the setting on the SwipedOn Web Dashboard.

  • Navigate to Employee Settings > SwipedOn Pocket on the web dashboard.
  • Enable the 'Allow employees to preregister visitors in SwipedOn Pocket' setting. If this is disabled, employees will be able to view preregistrations where they are the host, but not create or edit preregistrations.

If this setting is disabled, employees can only view preregistered visitors they are hosting in SwipedOn Pocket.

How to preregister a visitor with SwipedOn Pocket

Log in to SwipedOn Pocket for Web, iOS or Android and from the Home screen select 'Add Visitor'.

  • Fill out the fields as required and select from the categories if the account has more than one set up. The location will be pre-selected based on the location set against your employee profile and the address will pre-populate according to your company's location settings.

  • If applicable, fill out the second visitor field so that it pre-populates on the iPad, Android tablet or contactless web flow during sign-in. Alternatively, you can leave it blank for the visitor to enter on the day of sign-in.

  • To send an invite to the visitor, select the 'Send email invite' toggle and enter the recipient's email address; below this is also the option to include a message on the invite.

If an Induction is assigned to the selected visitor category, you can choose to include this in the email invite.

  • Click on the 'Preregister Visit' button to complete the preregistration and see the confirmation screen below. If the email invitation is enabled, the visitor will be sent an invite with all the details of their visit and the option to add it to their calendar.