What is Inductions?

🏳️ Available as an AddOn

Ensure visitors and contractors are fully informed and prepared for their visit with the ability to create bespoke inductions specific to your workplace and compliance requirements.

Our new Inductions AddOn puts you in control. Create custom inductions, tailored to the unique compliance needs of your business.

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Key features

  • Ensure visitors understand specific processes, hazards and risks with video or PDF content and a customizable set of questions and answers.
  • Share inductions with your invited visitors ahead of time and allow them to complete it before arriving on your work site.
  • Each visitor’s induction status is saved against their records, so they will only need to complete it as often as you choose.
  • Visitor induction flow is mobile-optimized so can be completed by visitors on-the-go

How do I get a free trial of Inductions?

Inductions is available for a 14 day free trial. You can start this by navigating to the 'Inductions’ page in the SwipedOn web dashboard and following the prompts there to start your trial.

Once your free trial is running, you can find more information about creating and managing your inductions here.