Getting started with Inductions

How to create and assign Inductions

🏳️ Available as an AddOn

How to get the Inductions AddOn

You can add Inductions to your account either by starting a free trial or by adding it to your subscription from the 'Settings' > 'Account' page. Learn more about purchasing AddOns here.

Create an induction

To create an induction, log into the SwipedOn web dashboard and from the top nav head to 'Settings' > 'Inductions'.


Click on the 'New Induction' button and give your induction a name.


Choose how often you would like visitors to complete the induction by setting an expiry. This setting defaults to 180 days. Alternatively you can select ‘No expiry’ which means visitors will only be required to complete the induction once.


You can upload a document, video or image by dragging and dropping a file into the area under the Media header. Supported file types are pdf, png, jpg and mp4, and the maximum file size that can be uploaded is 100MB.


Add questions to your induction by clicking the ‘Add Question’ button and then typing your questions and answers into the applicable fields.

An induction can have multiple questions, and each question can have multiple answers with at least one correct answer. To indicate that an answer is correct, tick the checkbox next to the correct answer(s).


Click on the Save button to finishing creating the induction.

Assign an induction

Once you've created your induction as per the steps above, the induction will need to be assigned to a visitor category from within the 'Settings' > 'Visitor Settings' > 'Fields' view before it is enabled. Ensure you've selected the category you would like to assign the induction to at the top of the page, as shown below.

Click on the 'Select induction' button, as shown above. You’ll see a list of all the inductions that have been created to select from, and if you have a lot, you can search for a specific induction by name.

Once assigned, the visitor induction is in place and visitors will be required to complete this before they can sign in.

💡 Enterprise customers are able to assign different inductions to different visitor categories.

Learn more about how a visitor completes the induction here.

iPad & Android Tablet support

Inductions are not yet fully supported on the iPad and Android tablet apps. However, if a visitor who has not completed the induction attempts to sign in from the iPad or Tablet, they will be required to scan the QR code to complete the induction first.

You will need to be running version 3.5.1 of the SwipedOn app to use Inductions. To check the version of your SwipedOn app, open the app on the iPad or Android tablet. On the home screen, triple tap the SwipedOn logo in the top left-hand corner. Here, the version number can be viewed at the bottom of the menu. If the app version is lower than 3.5.1, please apply the latest update to your iPad or Android tablet app via the App Store.

Reset an induction

In the event that you require your inducted visitors to complete an existing induction again, you can reset it from the Inductions page. Select the induction(s) that you would like to reset, and click 'Reset Induction' from the Actions menu.

Any saved or invited visitors that have completed the selected induction(s) previously will now have an ‘Expired’ induction status and be required to complete this again during their next sign in.


Delete an induction

Select the induction(s) that you would like to delete and click 'Delete' from the Actions menu.

Once an induction is deleted, it will be removed on the 'Settings' > 'Visitor Settings' > 'Fields' view and any saved or invited visitors that have completed the induction(s) previously will no longer have a record of this.