Using SwipedOn on an unsupported iPad

How support for iOS9 and iOS10 ending could affect your SwipedOn account

In October 2021, SwipedOn officially ceased supporting iPads running iOS 10. The highest app version SwipedOn can support on iOS 10 is version 2.24.3. And as of November 2020, we no longer support devices running iOS 9, with the highest version available to iOS 9 users being version 2.18.5.

Why are iOS 9 & 10 no longer supported?

As we improve the SwipedOn app, we are increasingly taking advantage of newer technology offered by more recent hardware and iOS software. Therefore, devices running iOS 9 & 10 have not been recommended for the SwipedOn app for several years. This hardware provides a much poorer experience than iPads running iOS 11 or later.

iPads such as the iPad 2 (released in 2011), iPad 3 (released in 2012) and iPad mini (released in 2013) are no longer supported as these cannot update past iOS 9. While version 2.18.5 is still available for use, features such as the Deliveries and Catering AddOns are not supported.

Devices that cannot update past iOS 10, such as the iPad 4 (released in 2012), are no longer supported. Devices running iOS 10 cannot use visitor scan to sign-out or the front iPad camera to scan in a delivery.

Can I update iOS on my device?

If your device is not listed above, you should have an update available in the Settings app. Find our support article here to guide you through this update process.

What if my device can't update beyond iOS 9 or 10?

iOS 9 devices will have access to version 2.18.5 of the SwipedOn app indefinitely, as will iOS 10 devices running version 2.24.3. However, you won't receive additional features, bug fixes, stability, or performance improvements.

Now's the time to consider upgrading to a newer iPad. The more recent your device, the better the experience your visitors and employees will have using the app. The latest device isn't necessary, however. As a general rule, we recommend any device that can run iOS 12 or later.