How to upgrade to a multi-location plan

Our Standard, Premium and Enterprise plans all support multi-location functionality. Find out how to add additional locations below.

🏳️ Available for Standard, Premium and Enterprise 

For those subscribed to our Standard, Premium or Enterprise plans, we offer the ability to add additional locations to the subscription. It is a very simple process that we will guide you through in more detail below.

How to upgrade your account

  • Log into the SwipedOn web dashboard and navigate to the 'Account' view.


  • Then click on 'Change' next to the plan type.

accounts 8

  • Click on the plus button to add additional locations to your subscription. Once you've entered the number of locations you would like to add, click 'Next'.

accounts 11

  • Enter your details and click 'Pay Now'.

accounts 10

How to configure new locations on a multi-location plan

Once subscribed to a multi-location Standard, Premium or Enterprise plan, new locations can be added and managed from within your SwipedOn web dashboard. See the below steps to add a new location and device to the SwipedOn account.

Adding a new location

  • Navigate to the 'Locations' view within the SwipedOn web dashboard.

Locations 2

  • Click the 'Add location details' button to open the drawer.

Locations 2-1

  • Enter the new location's name, and, if applicable, what location settings will be applied. Lastly input an address and click the 'Next' button. 

locations 3

Linking a device

  • Navigate to the 'Settings' > 'Devices' view on the SwipedOn Dashboard.

locations 4

  • Make sure you have selected the right location from the Location Selector dropdown, as shown below.

    locations 5

  • Click on the blue 'Add Device' button and enter the name of the device, select the correct location and select the options you would like enabled on this device.

locations 6

  • Click on the 'Add Device' button to generate a new device ID that will show listed below the location it has been assigned to.

locations 6-1

Upload Employees to the new Location

  • Click on the 'Employees' view and navigate to the 'Directory' tab.

Locations 7

  • Filter the view so that only the new location is visible by clicking on the 'All Locations' drop-down box and selecting the location these employees will be added against.

Locations 8

Locations 9