Catering FAQ's

Have a question about our Catering AddOn? Check out our FAQ's below!

🏳️ Bundled with Standard, Premium and Enterprise.

How much does Catering cost?

🏳️ Available as an Add-on

Annual subscription: $15USD per month per location (billed monthly)
Monthly subscription: $19USD per month per location (billed annually)

*Catering is billed at a per-location cost. More currencies are available on request.

*The Catering AddOn is not currently available on Android devices.

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How does your Catering subscription work with your SwipedOn subscription? 

If the SwipedOn subscription is billed annually, Catering will be annual. If the SwipedOn subscription is billed monthly, Catering will be monthly too.

If you are an existing customer and interested in adding catering to your subscription, this will be added to your current subscription. The Catering AddOn will be billed for the remaining days of the existing subscription, and on the next SwipedOn billing anniversary this will be charged for both SwipedOn and the catering AddOn.

I need to add another employee to be notified for Catering. Does this additional employee add to my employee count total? 

Yes, adding a new employee to your account for catering will be counted as a part of your total employee count in your SwipedOn account. This new employee will appear on the iPad for your visitors to select from if host selection is enabled. To avoid this, you can add them as a general order contact rather than an employee.

Is there a discount if I need this on more than one device?

We do not discount our pricing for Catering as we believe that our AddOns represent excellent value for money for our customers. 

Can I add multiple Catering recipients? 

Yes, you can add as many as you need! Check out our Catering Settings support article that will guide you through how to add to your Catering Recipients list.

*Please note: if subscribed to a multi-location Enterprise account, location settings are applicable on this page. Click here to find out more about location settings.