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What better way to surprise and delight your visitors than by offering a beverage or food - or both - upon arrival? Introducing SwipedOn Catering, aimed at making your guests feel truly welcome, and allowing you to deliver the best visitor experience in the world.

You can easily turn these options on and off and they are completely customizable allowing you to include different types of coffee, tea, milk and even a biscuit, cinnamon stick or marshmallows! Whether you have a coffee machine where your admin staff prepare beverages for visitors, have a cafe or barista on site, or you can partner with the local coffee shop next door, it’s easy to get Catering working for your visitors.

  • Customizable menu allows you to personalize Catering options
  • Make guests feel welcome by offering them food and drink
  • Your order contacts will receive an instant notification with the visitor’s order
  • Partner with the local coffee shop next door for seamless Catering requests

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Catering pricing

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$19 USD $15 USD
An active subscription to SwipedOn is required to enable use of Catering.