Inductions FAQ

Have a question about our Inductions AddOn? Check out our FAQ below!

🏳️ Available as an AddOn

How does Inductions billing work?

If the SwipedOn subscription is billed annually, then Inductions will be annual too. If the SwipedOn subscription is billed monthly, then Inductions will be monthly too.

If you’re an existing customer and interested in adding Inductions to your subscription, this will be added to your current subscription. The Inductions AddOn will be billed for the remaining days of the existing subscription, and then on the next SwipedOn billing date this will be charged for both SwipedOn and the Inductions AddOn.

**Please note, Inductions is a ‘per-location’ AddOn, so you will need to purchase an Inductions AddOn for each location that you want to have this available for.

What types of files can I upload for my induction?

SwipedOn supports the following media file types for your induction: PDF, png, jpg or mp4. The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 100MB. Only one media file can be uploaded per induction.

Our policy requires our induction to be completed annually. Will regular visitors need to complete this every time they sign in?

If these visitors are preregistered or saved as remembered visitors (NOTE: this requires the “returning visitors” setting to be enabled), the induction status will be saved along with their visitor details and they will only need to complete it when the validity period expires.

Will a record be kept of who has completed an induction?

Yes, the induction status of all visitors is saved in the Visitor Timeline. Simply select the visitor that you would like to check, and view their induction status in the drawer.

If ‘Allow visitors to save their details for their next visit’ has been enabled in Visitor Settings, then the induction status of all saved visitors is also recorded under Remembered Visitors. For more info on how to view these records click here.

Can visitors complete their inductions offsite?

Yes! You can email your visitors the induction to complete ahead of time to make sign in even smoother once they arrive to your workplace. Find out more here.

Can different inductions be shown to different visitor categories?

Yes, with an Enterprise account there is the added benefit of being able to allocate a different induction to each category. To learn about the benefits of an Enterprise plan for businesses that require a unique set-up click here.

Can a reminder be sent after a certain period of time that a visitor needs to complete an induction again?

At this stage, a reminder cannot be sent, however if a remembered visitor that has previously completed an induction tries to sign in at your premises and their induction has now expired, they will be shown the Induction sign in flow again and be required to complete this in order to sign in.