Visitor settings

Configure visitor sign-in and privacy settings

The 'Visitor Settings' tab is where changes to the visitor flow can be made. You can also make changes to increase the privacy controls when a visitor signs in/out.

Visitor settings can be accessed by logging into your SwipedOn web dashboard and navigating to the 'Settings' > 'Visitors' view


Visitor Settings

Select a host

  • If enabled, visitors will be required to select an employee (host) to visit. 

  • If disabled, visitors will not be required to select an employee (host) to visit.

Display host signed out status

  • If enabled, visitors who select a host who is not signed in will be shown a notification that the employee is signed out, including any signed out message that the employee has left.

  • If disabled, visitors will not be notified if the host they select is not currently signed in.
    *This setting will only display if Employee In/Out is enabled on at least one iPad.


Automatically sign out visitors at

  • If enabled, visitors who forget to sign out will be automatically signed out a minute before the selected sign out time. 

  • If disabled, visitors will stay signed in.

Privacy settings for Visitors

Display employee list

  • If enabled, visitors are presented with a list of employees (hosts) to choose from. 

  • If disabled, visitors are required to search for their host by entering the hosts' full name.

Remember visitors

  • If enabled, a 'Remember Me' toggle will appear on the visitor sign-in view. If a visitor chooses to use this, their details will be remembered for a faster sign-in next time. 

  • If disabled, visitors will not be remembered.

Show visitor name matches

  • If enabled, SwipedOn will suggest the visitor's name to choose from (allowing quicker sign-in/out) once the first three letters are entered. 

  • If disabled, visitors will be required to enter their full name and company name.

Automatically anonymize visits (*Only applicable for those on Enterprise plans)

  • If enabled, SwipedOn will automatically anonymize any visits outside of the date range selected.

  • If disabled, SwipedOn will not automatically anonymize any visits.

*Please note, if subscribed to a multi-location Enterprise account, location settings are applicable on this page, click here to find out more about location settings.