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employee sign in

The SwipedOn Pocket app has been designed exclusively for employees and makes signing in and out easier than ever. SwipedOn Pocket records the time of activity as well as answers to any questions you wish to ask your team when they sign in. 

  • Sign in as working remotely or from a different office location
  • Receive visitor and delivery notifications, manage preferences and change profile picture from within the SwipedOn Pocket app.
  • Verified sign in for employees using SwipedOn Pocket in the proximity of an iPad, tablet, or location-specific QR code.

Account for everyone in the event of an emergency


staff check in and out

with SwipedOn gives you an accurate record of everyone's whereabouts that can be easily accessed at any time.

In the event of an emergency, cloud-based technology means you can grab your iPad or tablet on the go, or log on to the SwipedOn web dashboard from your mobile device to easily conduct roll calls and ensure your employees are safe with the most up to date information.

Is hybrid work giving you a headache?

Are you struggling to keep track of who is working where?

With the SwipedOn

employee check in app

, identifying who is working remotely or from different locations has never been easier. The iPad and web dashboard give admin staff full oversight of who is where each day.

To increase transparency across the business, you can share a view of the digital in out board to a smart tv in a communal area for those without admin access.

See employee activity on the big screen

A digital version of your trusty in and out board helps to combat safety and security challenges with an always up-to-date employee dashboard.

This view can be shared to a smart TV or spare monitor to provide a quick and clear way for everyone to see where their colleagues are.

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Frequently asked questions



Employees can download the SwipedOn Pocket app from the Google Play store if using an Android OS smartphone, and from the Apple App store if using an Apple iPhone.

See our support article for more details.

No, we believe this essential feature should be available for all of our customers, no matter your plan.

Whichever SwipedOn plan you are currently billed for, your team will be able to use SwipedOn Pocket.

Yes, SwipedOn Pocket supports

location-verified employee sign in

via static (printed) QR codes, eliminating the need for any hardware.

Signing in via these QR codes can be made compulsory for employees using the SwipedOn Pocket app.When enabled, employees will be prompted to scan the QR code in order to sign in to that location via the Pocket app.The sign in will then be shown as 'verified' in the SwipedOn web dashboard. (Available on Business and Enterprise plans only)

See our support article using QR codes with SwipedOn Pocket for more info.
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