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Visitor sign in
  •   Approvals
  • Approve or deny entry to your premises based on question responses.
  •   ID badge printing
  • Instantly print ID badges for easy authorization and scan the badge for a simple sign out.
  •   Capture signed agreements
  • Have visitors sign legal documents such as NDAs and store a digital record.
  •   Language selection
  • Choose from one of 14 languages to display the SwipedOn iPad app.
  •   Multiple question formats
  • Capture the information you need with a variety of question formats: plain text, multi-choice, checkbox, yes/no & more
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Visitor management
  •   Auto sign out
  • Automatically sign out all visitors at your chosen time.
  •   Manual sign in/out
  • Manually sign visitors in and out if required.
  •   Cloud-based web dashboard
  • Access your SwipedOn dashboard from anywhere and from any device.
  •   Multi-location dashboard
  • Business and Enterprise customers can manage all  business locations from one account.
  •   Visitor Inductions
  • Save time when visitors arrive with automated inductions that can be completed ahead of time, ensuring visitors are informed and prepared.

  •   Notifications
  • Receive instant visitor arrival notifications in a number of ways; text, email, push, Slack and Microsoft Teams.  These are all individually configurable. Choose to send to admins, host and assistants.
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Employee sign in
  •   Auto sign in & out
  • Improve the accuracy of your employee movements by automatically signing them in and out once they hit a certain perimeter around your building. 

  •   Location verification
  • Business and Enterprise customers can verify employee sign in and out to a certain location via SwipedOn device or QR code.
  •   Custom screening questions
  • Set screening questions for employees upon sign in i.e health screening questions.
  •   Office Roaming and remote working
  • Business and Enterprise plan customers can allow employees to sign in as working remotely or sign in from different office locations.
  •   Custom sign out messages
  • Set standard sign out messages and return times, or give employees the option to add their own.
  •   QR code sign in
  • Employees simply scan the QR code to sign in and SwipedOn Pocket does the rest.
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Employee management
  •   Archive employees
  • Archive employees and choose to retain or anonymize their data.
  •   Employee bulk upload
  • Easily bulk upload employee details with a CSV upload.
  •   Auto sign out
  • Automatically sign out all employees at a chosen time.
  •   Employee profile fields
  • Create the employee fields you'd like to capture and display during host selection e.g. Department.
  •   Deliveries AddOn
  • Avoid parcel pileup at your office, add SwipedOn Deliveries to your plan to make it easy for couriers and employees.

  •   Integrations
  • Customers on Business and Enterprise plans can connect SwipedOn with Azure and Active directory for streamlined employee management.
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Resource booking
  •   Booking settings
  • Create a fair workplace with the ability to set rules, like how far in advance people can book resources and who can book resources.
  •   Features
  • Assign features to help staff find the specific type of resource they are looking for. 

  •   Insights
  • Understand how your workplace and its resources are being utilized and use this information to plan for the future.
  •   Interactive maps
  • Make it easy to find what you are looking for. Upload your floorplan, plot your resources, and create zones easily with interactive maps. 

  •   Notifications
  • Ensure resources aren't sitting unused by sending check in reminders.
  •   QR scan
  • Booking on the go? No problem! Manage ad-hoc bookings with QR codes to book and see availability.

Security, safety and compliance
  •   Data export
  • Sort, filter and export visitor and employee data from the SwipedOn web dashboard.
  •   Evacuation mode
  • Use your device or the SwipedOn web dashboard to conduct roll calls in the event of an emergency.
  •   Data hosting options
  • Choose where your data is hosted - US, CA, UK, EU, AU or SG.
  •   Offline sign in
  • Maintain the ability to sign people in and out even if your network goes offline, the data will automatically sync once back online.
  •   Digital signature capture
  • Capture and store signed visitor agreements/NDAs. Automatically email a signed copy of the agreement to the visitor.
  •   Secure cloud storage
  • Have total peace of mind knowing your data is securely stored using AWS-provided encryption.
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Location management
  •   Customizable roles and permissions
  • Create a team of administrators with different permission levels - company admin, location admin, group admin & employees.
  •   Multi-location management
  • Easily manage multiple workplaces from one dashboard.
  •   Location groups
  • Organize locations by groups, assign a manager and apply the same settings for all locations in a group.
  •   Multiple devices per location
  • Use more than one device or QR code per location (perfect for places with multiple entry/exit points).
  •   Location specific settings
  • Export reports and configure location settings individually.
  •   Multiple printers per location
  • Business and Enterprise customers can connect more than one printer per location.
  •   24/5 Live chat support
  • Get help when you need it the most, we guarantee a reply in less than 5 minutes (no matter your subscription type).
  •   Dedicated Account Manager
  • Regardless of your subscription level, you'll have access to one of our friendly Account Mangers.
  •   Bespoke onboarding and implementation plan
  • Customers on our Enterprise plan can make use of an in-depth onboarding and implementation plan to get SwipedOn rolled out.
  •   Payment options
  • Pay by credit card, invoice, wire, or ACH (processing fees apply).
  •   Customer Success onboarding
  • Ensure you're set up for success with an onboarding call with the SwipedOn success team once you have subscribed.
  •   Terms of service
  • Customers on our Enterprise plan have the option to review and make changes to their terms of service agreement.

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