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Contactless sign in

When a visitor or contractor arrives to sign in at your workplace, they have the option to use contactless sign in by scanning the QR code hosted on the home screen of the SwipedOn app, and following the instructions on their mobile device.

Absolutely. We’ve created the contactless feature with all kinds of business needs in mind. If you don’t have an iPad or tablet, you can print out the QR code that you’ll find in the web dashboard and display it anywhere you require people to sign in.

When a visitor arrives, they need to open the camera on their mobile device and scan the printed QR code displayed at your entrance. This prompts them to open their default web browser where they can enter their details in the form and follow the steps to complete the contactless sign in process.

A number of smartphones have built-in QR code scanning capabilities in the camera app, so there's no need to download a separate scanning app.  

Some older Android phones may not have a native QR code reader available and will require an app to scan QR codes. Android QR scanning apps such as Google Lens, QR code reader or QR & Barcode Reader are all free and available via the Google Play store.

We sure do! In fact, we’ve created an app exclusively for your employees to sign in using their smartphone, eliminating the need to sign in using a communal device. 


Employees can sign in using a QR code or the SwipedOn app for tablets. All they need to do is find their name and profile photo and swipe the toggle next to their name to indicate that they have signed in. Simply swipe the other way to sign out again.

Employees also have the option to sign in as 'Working Remotely' via the SwipedOn iPad, tablet or Pocket app (if the Pocket app has been enabled).

SwipedOn Pocket is the smartphone app for your employees.

Your employees can sign in quickly and easily using their own smartphone, answer employee screening questions and set custom status messages and return times upon signing out.

SwipedOn Pocket offers location-verified employee sign in and employees can manage their notification preferences from within the app.

The SwipedOn Pocket feature needs to be enabled from within the SwipedOn web dashboard by a company admin. See our support article for more information.

Employees can download the SwipedOn Pocket app from the Google Play store if using an Android OS smartphone, and from the Apple App store if using an Apple iPhone.

See our support article for more details.

No, we believe this essential feature should be available for all of our customers, no matter your plan.

Whichever SwipedOn plan you are currently on, your team will be able to use SwipedOn Pocket.

SwipedOn offers verified on site sign in for employees using the SwipedOn Pocket app. Employees using the app to sign in will be prompted to sign in when they are within a predetermined radius of the iPad or tablet that is running SwipedOn. The sign in will then be shown as 'verified' in the SwipedOn web dashboard.

To activate the SwipedOn Proximity feature, employees need to 'allow'  SwipedOn Pocket to use their location. (Available on Business and Enterprise plans only).

Yes, SwipedOn Pocket supports location-verified employee sign in via static (printed) QR codes, eliminating the need for any hardware.

Signing in via these QR codes can be made compulsory for employees using the SwipedOn Pocket app. When enabled, employees will be prompted to scan the QR code in order to sign in to that location via the Pocket app. The sign in will then be shown as 'verified' in the SwipedOn web dashboard. (Available on Business and Enterprise plans only).

See our support article using QR codes with SwipedOn Pocket for more info. 

Employees simply scan the QR displayed at your location entrance via SwipedOn Pocket, phone camera, or a QR scanning app. The SwipedOn Pocket app will verify the QR code and match it to the correct location instantly.

Employees can leave a custom out-message for visitors which indicates when they will be back and instructions for their visitor. For example, if an employee is expecting a guest but has a coffee meeting directly beforehand, they can leave a custom out-message along the lines of ‘I’m in a meeting off-site, I’ll be with you as soon as possible’.

Yes, absolutely! Admin staff can see this information in the SwipedOn web dashboard and it can also be viewed on your device. Just make sure ‘Employee In/Out’ is enabled in the dashboard.

Customers on our Business and Enterprise plans also have the option to show a live display of employee in out status on an external display (like a TV screen) so everyone has total visibility.

Visitor management

A visitor management system (VMS) is a digital tool designed to help you keep track of visitors entering and exiting your facility. A visitor management system incorporates visitor management software with a variety of devices including the iOS iPad, smartphones and ID badge printers to create an automated and secure sign-in process for both visitors and employees.

While visitor management has been predominantly handled via manual processes in the past - including a paper visitor book - a visitor management system enables you to manage the entire process from one central place.

Visitor management software is a cloud-based app that facilitates the sign in process for businessesofficesschoolswarehouses and just about any building or facility in the world which requires guests to sign in and out securely. The software ensures that all data entered is stored safely and securely in the cloud. Learn more in our detailed guide to visitor management.

Visitor management means having a full, holistic view of the people who are visiting or employed in your facility. It's the process of welcoming someone into your office space or facility and managing their visit from start to finish; including quickly and efficiently notifying their host (i.e. the employee who is expecting their visit) and offering a professional and fast method to sign in (i.e. not the slow and outdated process of using a paper visitor book).

The front desk, or reception area, can often be one of the busiest places in your business, with staff, visitors, deliveries and contractors coming and going. It’s difficult keeping track of all those movements and the time it takes for a visitor to sign your paper logbook and other legal paperwork is enough to put a damper on those great first impressions you are striving for. The paper visitor book has long been the way to manage this process, but with a lack of data privacy compliance and inability to connect within the technology age we live in, the paper visitor book is now replaced with a smart visitor management software that allows you to:

5 key reasons it’s important for visitors to sign in when visiting your organization: 

  1. Protect your business and keep employees safe
  2. Aid contact tracing in your workplace 
  3. Meet regulatory compliance
  4. Know exactly who is in your building during emergencies
  5. Enhance on-site security

Visitors can sign in on an iPad or Android tablet.

Alternatively, visitors can securely sign in touch free by scanning a QR code with their smartphone device. This will prompt them to open the sign in form on their default web browser where they can enter their details and complete the contactless sign in process.

Visitor Fields are the pieces of information you wish to capture when a Visitor signs in.

‘Visitor Field One’ (Full Name) is a required, uneditable field that we need in order to accurately save each visitor onto the SwipedOn database.

‘Visitor Field Two’ (Company Name by default) is editable and can be hidden if only the full name should appear.

You can easily customize the visitor fields to suit the needs of your business.

You can choose to capture additional information from your visitors by adding new custom fields.

Once added, you can reorder by dragging and dropping them into place. However, the first field cannot be re-ordered or deleted.

Yes, absolutely! You’ll need to use a compatible printer and labels. SwipedOn is compatible with 4 Brother label printer models. For best results, we recommend the Brother QL-820NWB.

Connecting your hardware is straightforward, you can find an easy step-by-step article to assist you here on our help centre: How to connect the iPad and printer.

If the printer says it’s unavailable or it’s prompting you to troubleshoot, we have another great article on our help centre which will get everything up and running smoothly for you: Troubleshooting printers, printer unavailable

Safety, Security & Compliance

The SwipedOn workplace sign in system allows you to easily perform emergency roll calls.

With an up-to-date record of who has signed into the building on any given day, you can easily identify which visitors and employees you need to account for.

To enter evacuation mode, you can triple-tap the "SwipedOn" logo in the top left-hand corner of your welcome screen and select 'evacuation'. Alternatively, you can conduct evacuations from the SwipedOn web dashboard OR give the iPad/tablet a decent shake. 

Because this feature works offline, you can remove your device from the stand and take it with you to the designated meeting point to conduct roll calls with accurate information about who is on your premises at any given time.

Enter evacuation mode on the SwipedOn system as per the above instructions. You’ll be presented with your "in" view - this is everyone (visitors and employees) who are signed in.

The view can be filtered to only show 'Visitors' or 'Employees' by tapping on those tabs. The 'Employees' view provides more filters such as 'In', 'Remote' and 'Out' to ensure everyone is accounted for.  

Yes. All data is securely stored in the cloud meaning that visitor information remains private. For more information on how to ensure you’re compliant with GDPR, you can refer to our easy 14-point checklist which you can download from this blog post: An Easy-To-Use 14-Point Checklist for a GDPR-Compliant Visitor Management System

Our servers are located in the AWS region selected by a customer when an account is created. These regions can be one of the United States of America (Ohio); Great Britain (London); Singapore; Australia (Sydney); Canada; or EU (Frankfurt).

Your data is securely encrypted, both ‘in transit’ to AWS servers, and ‘at rest’ on those servers. Your data always belongs to you, and you are free to request removal of your data from these servers at any time.

Visitor and employee records can easily be anonymized via the web dashboard. Anonymizing individual person records ensures that you retain data about visits taking place, but the personal information of those people involved in those visits can be completely removed.

This will depend on privacy laws in your jurisdiction. We recommend customers familiarise themselves with their local laws to ensure they remain compliant.


First, you’ll need to download the SwipedOn app from the Apple App OR Google Play store. Then just follow the steps in your web dashboard which guide you through the process.

For more information, see our help article: Getting Started with SwipedOn

You can choose a monthly subscription or annual subscription depending on your business’ needs. Our plans don’t have a minimum term.

The cost of SwipedOn varies depending on which plan you choose. Take a look at our pricing page where you’ll find all the information you need.

The best way to pay for SwipedOn is online from within your account. We’ve partnered with Stripe payments to deliver secure (PCI DSS) payment processingYou can do this using a credit or debit card.

Yes! You can see our extensive range of support articles here.

We pride ourselves on our customer service (and it's something our customers often comment on). We offer 24/5 local support via live chat, you can reach the support team here.

Yes. You can customize the background image on the screen and the accent colours to match your brand colours.

For more top tips on branding and design, you can see our blog post by our UX & UI Designer, Scott: How to Make a Good First Impression Through Branding & Design

Navigate to the Branding & Design tab on the SwipedOn web dashboard. Here you can customize the background on your welcome screen along with the accent color to suit your branding.

SwipedOn Desks

SwipedOn Desks is our cloud-based desk booking platform. It offers any sized business the ability to manage their shared desk spaces from a central application. Swipedon Desks helps utilize shared spaces effectively, optimizing your operational costs, while giving you greater control over implementing your workplace health and safety policies.

You can find out more here.

For admin staff, using a system like SwipedOn Desks allows you to effortlessly manage the working environment via a simple web portal that you can customize to suit your individual needs. For employees and users, the software makes it easy to locate and book available desks on the go or in advance, ensuring they always have a desk when they are in the office.

Booking a desk is easily done via the SwipedOn Desks web portal. The default landing page will be the 'Book Desk' page. Employees can select the criteria for the desk they would like and available spots are shown as green on the interactive map.

Yes! With SwipedOn Desks you can easily generate desk-specific QR codes that employees can simply scan to book and sign in to that specific desk on an ad-hoc basis.