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Easy vehicle booking with an intuitive mobile app

Say goodbye to double bookings by giving your employees an easy way to book what they need, when they need it, from their phone.
  • Staff can see live vehicle availability for last-minute bookings or book in advance to suit their schedule
  • Assign vehicles relevant features like a toe bar or 4WD capabilities to ensure staff can find exactly what they need
  • Once booked, finding the correct vehicle is easy with the help of interactive maps

Understand vehicle usage from the admin dashboard

Use the admin dashboard to see a clear overview of how your company vehicles are being utilized and make informed business decisions for the future.
  • Restrict certain vehicles to certain people or departments
  • Create a fairer workplace by determining how far in advance vehicles can be booked
  • Ensure vehicles are not sitting unused with check in reminders


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Manage more with SwipedOn

Got shared resources? SwipedOn helps you make them bookable

  • Manage and book almost anything in your workplace from car parks and vehicles to lockers and EV chargers
  • Streamline the booking experience for employees and save time for admin staff
  • Enjoy full visibility over your workplace and  resource usage to help inform future planning and allocation

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